How Do You Get The Satta Matka Gambling Game Results?

Satta King is a type of lottery game played online and offline in some parts of the country. Also known as Satta Matka, the game is popular in the country. In today’s digital world, most online play is played through multiple websites. There are also many apps on Playstore that anyone can use to play games. Offline gaming enthusiasts can visit a nearby shop to place their bets and check the results. There are different types of games on different websites. The Satta Matka Result starts at midnight, with Gali results at 12:02 AM, followed by Disawar and 05:00 and SS Gold at 1:10 PM.


How will you play satta king?


  • Step 1: Place your bet by going to the lottery’s official website you wish to place your money.
  • Step 2: You will find many numbers written on the slip.
  • Step 3: You can choose one lucky number between 00 and 99.
  • Step 4 The organizer will randomly select a number and announce the result.
  • Step 5. If you are lucky, you will be rewarded with kings and money.


Types of satta game:


Although there are many types of games on different websites, the four most popular games are,

  • Disawar Satta King
  • Ghaziabad Satta King
  • Kali Satta King
  • Faridabad Satta King


What are the terms related to the satta matka:


  • MATKA: Matka comes from the word clay pot. Previously, the pot was used to draw numbers.
  • Single: It is any number between 0 and 9.
  • PATTI/PANNA: The three-digit result is Patti/Panna.
  • Open Result / Close Result: The result of the bet is divided into two parts. The first part is called the open effect, and the second part is the closed effect.
  • Sp/Dp/Tp: SP stands for Single Patti, for example, 123, DP for Double Patti, 112, and TP for Triple Patti, for example, 111.
  • CYCLE PATTI: The last two digits of Patti are called cycle Patti or cp (i.e. if Patti is 128, cycle Patti is 28).
  • FARAK: Farak is the number of differences from results that are close to open results (e.g. The number is 57, 7–5; Farak is 2)
  • BERIJ: Berij is the last digit of the sum of the Jodi/pair (e.g. if the pair is 76, the Berij is 7+6 = 13. The last digit is 3; the Berij is 3).





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What did Matka guess?


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